During our week-long visit to Maine, while driving & walking, I could not help noticing the colorful parts of the scenery!   Colorful Maine came to my mind while in the woods, along the roads, on the shore & in the towns.  

The deep green of the woods seems much richer than the greens in Florida!

Forest in Acadia National Park, Schoodic Point.

In areas along the shore where you could get close to the water’s edge the rocks were another example of colorful Maine!

Rocks in water, Wonderland, Acadia National Park

Of course, Maine is the known for its lobster and to catch lobster you must have lobster traps which are marked in the vast waters along the Maine shore by lobster buoys.  The traps are colorful and the buoys are by necessity different colors and patterns as that is how they are identified by the lobster-man.

Lobster boat pulling out of Bar Harbor

The buoys dot the waters along the coast but castoff buoys are on display at lobster pounds and gift shops.  We found a colorful display of buoys at the Cape Neddick Lobster Pound, in Cape Neddick, ME.

Oh Buoy!

My favorite part of colorful Maine was the flowers!  In the towns there were gardens, planters & window boxes.   In Florida, in August, it is too hot for most flowers to bloom, so it was a real treat to see flowers that I may only see in the spring in Florida!  The flowers in Maine also seem to be bigger!  Just saying!

There was a beautiful garden full of flowers at the front of the parking lot to the Cape Neddick Lobster Pound.   I could have spent a couple hours there but caught a few images of the buoys (above) and then shot the flowers as fast as I could as we were heading on down the road to our next destination!

Painterly Black -Eyed Susan


Such a Perfect Lily!


Echinacea !

The folks in the towns added to colorful Maine with small gardens and planters.   I kept getting left behind as I tried to grab a shot as we walked down the streets!

Planter flower

Cosmos in the town garden


So Pink

Out along the shores and seemingly, everywhere, there were wild roses!  Most had already bloomed and were covered with red rose hips (which were so big that at first I thought they were some sort of fruit or tomato)!

Wild Roses – Wonderland, Acadia National Park

Rose Hips- Nubble Light, York, ME

Just a short walk in the woods around the house we rented in Mount Desert, yielded some colorful Maine as well!

In the dark forest!


Big tiny flower!


So beyond the amazing scenery, be on the lookout for the beauty of colorful Maine!

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Next stop…Ogunquit, Maine for Part 7!

That is all for now!